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Information about micro-borescopes & videoscopes

There are three main types of borescopes: rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible units.

  • Rigid borescopes that comprise a straight cylinder provide high-quality views.
  • Semi-rigid models are bendable and are ideal for small spaces, though adaptable degrees have high versatility allowing users to investigate various points and little cavities.
  • The size of the unit, materials utilized, power source, brightening framework, camera settings, and consumables are largely factors to consider. Also, with regards to advanced units, planned purchasers ought to think about the unit’s connectivity and compatibility parameters.

The micro – borescope is produced with a semi adaptable test which makes it more straightforward to see around curves and corners. Semi-rigid micro – borescopes are accessible and customizable to your necessities. Standard length for these frameworks is 500 mm to 1 meter.

The micro – borescope are designed with a separable eyepiece. This suggests that your eye piece can uphold different test distances across for your assorted assessments. What’s more, this makes the test field replaceable and lessens your vacation as you’ll easily adjust the test when a harm issue happens.

Ultra Thin Flexible Micro-Borescope Endoscope With Monitor
Ultra Thin Flexible Micro – Borescopes Endoscope With Monitor

With the small diameter of the micro-borescopes & videoscopes and the and the supporting light pack for these tests we probes suggest an extreme intensity LED light source. This is particularly evident in case you will utilize an USB camera to take pictures and record video of the inspection area.

The greatest test with the micro borescope is the cost to replace. Much of the time, the picture group and fiber optic light pack are so small. Thusly, it is unimaginable for users to repair the system. In most cases you will need to replace it and that is why we recommend a fiberscope with a detachable eyepiece. This can help users to replace the damage probe at their own work site and not have to experience extended downtime with shipping the damage system back to the manufacturer.



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